Crew Boat Lady Rasha

 New Vessel Design: Crew Boat "Lady Rasha"


Image Caption: The crew boat "Lady Rasha" is designed by GB Marine

The vessel "Lady Rasha", designed by GB Marine is a typical example of a crew boat, a specialized vessel used in the transportation of offshore support personnel and supplies to offshore installations such as oil platforms and drilling rigs. 


General Specifications  
Designer : GB Marine
Vessel Type : Crew Boat
Speed :    Knots
Principle Characteristics  
Length Overall :   34.00 m
Breadth Moulded :     7.50 m
Depth Moulded :     3.65 m
Draft :     2.00 m
Complement :   48 Persons
Decks and Mission Equipment  
Main Engine with Gearbox : 1550 BHP @ 800 RPM x 2 
Diesel Generator Set : 69 KW / 50 Hz @ 1500 RPM x 2
Deck Equipment Anchors  : 1 x 140 kg Stockless Bow Anchor
Deck Equipment Anchors : 120 kg HHP, Stockless Anchor 
Deck Cargo